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The platform providing container optimization solutions, resolving problems arising when moving empty containers and picking up/dropping off empty containers at depots

 The first and only Container Optimization Platform in Vietnam

COS platform offers solutions in optimizing empty container usage via 3 products: MT-REUSE, MT-MOVE, and MT-RENTAL, minimizing wastes (or MUDA) in transportation, especially in importing and exporting cargoes. In fact, transporting a container for imports and exports always incurs waste in the phase of transporting empty containers and picking up/dropping off the empty containers at depot, not to mention wastes of time and operating personnel

COS is a cloud-based platform integrating data of top carriers and container information promptly, guaranteeing data consistency and accuracy among stakeholders including COS, shipping lines, depot, shippers and truckers.


Change how an empty container is handled, reduce cumbersome paperworks, manual operation and poor visibility

Build an ecosystem providing different products and services regarding to empty containers and fostering it to be available globally

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 3PLs/Truckers/Shippers will reduce waiting time and commute distance from port terminals to depots

Therefore, not only can transportation costs and fuel can be saved but also carbon emissions can be cut down