Container Optimization Solutions (COS)

1. What is COS?

Container Optimization Solutions (COS) is an online platform connecting logistics providers and shipping lines and aiming at changing the way we use a shipping container

2. What is MT-REUSE?

Because a container can weigh up to 30 tons, it requires to be loaded or offloaded from trucks at specific locations such as depots or ports. As a result, truckers need to commute between distant locations resulting in significant inefficiencies.

For instance, less than 1.5% of import containers are reused for export in Vietnam. Import containers are often dropped-off at depots after unloading while export containers are often picked-up at depots before loading. Instead import containers could be reused for export if unloading and loading locations are close, saving one trip to the depot. COS allows logistics providers to reuse import container for export with its MT-REUSE product.

3. What is MT-MOVE ?

Similarly, shippers are requested by shipping lines to return containers at defined locations after unloading. Instead, if shippers could choose where to return the container, they could use it for extra transportation until that chosen location. COS is aiming to let shippers choose the return location with its MT-MOVE product.

4. What is MT-RENTAL?

Finally, it is estimated that more than 300 000 TEUs per year are wasted in Vietnam because containers are moving empty between cities. This is due to a common practice of shipping lines that import empty containers through major ports before repositioning them where customers need them. COS is aiming to put this transport capacity back on the market with its MT-RENTAL product.


With these optimization solutions, we believe there will be significant cost savings for logistics providers but also less traffic jams for everyone. If you are a logistics provider, you definitely should have a look at our products. Learn more on