Reducing empty runs and lift-on / lift-off by linking Service import flows with export needs

Rather than bringing back an empty container to the port or assigned depot, transport companies can request to reuse the container and bring it straight to their export customer to get loaded.

Potential Competition: managing empty equipment efficiently and effectively.

 Customer service enhancement: optimize your import and export container management flow.

Smart and convenient platform: with app and web application provided


Who should use MT-REUSE?

Savings on Lift-On / Lift-Off, trucking fees and time!




How to request to reuse container

Three simple steps!

Step 1: Register and log in platform

Step 2: Send reuse container request

Step 3: Wait for shipping line’s response


In some cases, prices might be set to de-market. VAT 10% not included.

Type of container: 20'ST

550,000 VND

Type of container: 40'ST/40'HC/45'HC

1,150,000 VND